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Afroz as a Software Developer


My name is Afroz Ahmad. By profession, I am a Software Developer. I have been in the Software Development field for the last 10 years. I can develop Windows Applications, Static and Dynamic Websites, Php Applications ( Online Software ) and Android Mobile Applications as per the requirements of the clients.  I love to develop Web Applications and Android Mobile Applications. I am fond of researching and learning the Web Technology.  I have developed 25 Applications so far and so many Websites.

Afroz as a Translator

By profession, I am a Translator also. I know Arabic, Urdu, English, Telugu and Hindi languages. I can translate content of one of the abovementioned languages into one of the targetted languages mentioned above. I am honourable Editor of 'Islam Kanthi' Monthly Magazine which is published from Vijayawada, Andhrapradesh, India.  I have translated about 70 books so far. I love to learn languages and translation. I fell in love with languages. Perfection in translation is my goal.

Afroz as a Musician

As a hobbyist , I am a Musician.  I can write lyrics of the songs in English, Urdu, Telugu and Hindi languages. I have written hundreds of songs in the languages mentioned above.  I know how to tune a song. I have composed so many tunes for my songs. Furthermore, I am a singer by the Grace of Allah, the Almighty.  I sang so many songs in Urdu and Telugu and compiled Audio Albums. You may listen to my songs by browing the ' Afroz's Songs' Sub-Menu of this Website.